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As a buyer and seller on Ebay for a few years, I would like to add a couple of tips that sellers might find helpful.......especially new sellers.

When packing up china etc, always use extra bubble wrap specifically around cup handles (and other handles) plus teapot/coffee pot spouts, to help protect them during the arduous trip they have to take to get delivered. Especially if going overseas. 

There's nothing worse than a buyer receiving a broken item, due to poor packaging. I learned this the hardway when I first started selling overseas, and now always go a bit OTT on packaging even if it means that the cost of postage exceeds what my buyer has paid, and I take a small loss.

Despite what it says on the Royal Mail website about insurance for parcels, this does NOT cover fragile have to read their fine print to see this, and this goes for Special Delivery too, so dont waste your money or the buyer's money by offering insurance etc. This only puts up your postage costs and detracts prospective buyers from bidding.

It also helps for your future sales when you get overseas feedback confirming the safe arrival of a fragile item, as it gives overseas buyers the confidence to bid on your items knowing that you have a good track record of posting overseas.

Finally, when you do post the item, please please remember to put your return address on the package. For UK postage, just the house number and postcode is sufficient. I can't tell you how many items I have received with no return address. At least, if there is a return address and your buyer is complaining about not receiving an item, you know that it will be returned to you at some time giving you the opportunity to either post out again, or re-sell if necessary. Thats if they really didnt receive it!!

I hope members have found this useful, especially new sellers.


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