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Bagpipes from Sulshi are as wonderful as wonderful can be. We don't praise ourselves or for our products but our feedback does. You can see our feedback profile for the quality products and service.

It is reality that economical bagpipes are there, but they are economical replicas of Scottish Highland Bagpipe. This does not mean that they are low in quality. The bores are same, the leather bag is same, moreover the craftsmen are the same who make the same blackwood bagpipe, the only difference is in the wood. Rose wood and Cocas wood are used to make economical pipes for the beginners.

Blackwood is not produced in Pakistan and we have to import it from Africa. The other woods are easily available over here and at much lower cost when compared with the African Black wood.

There are some people on the ebay who still think that Pakistan is only for the low quality bagpipes but the reality has other face. All we want you to see our feedback profile and judge who is right?

Bagpipe history is very old in Pakistan and we are proud of the fact that Scotts are playing our pipes for many generations.  

Your suggestions and tips are always welcomed.

Sulshi-The sound of wood

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