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Production of Fake microphones is becoming a big problem on ebay and has been well documented in the music press.  We buy on ebay becuase we try to get a bargain...and why not!  That's what ebay is suppose to represent to us and usually works out well.  But...when is a bargin not a bargin?  Clearly, when we're conned into buying fakes....and Shure SM58's are being hit (BIG TIME) as well as several other named brands.  I think in trying to get it right that there are two things we need to remember (1) most bargins to be had on ebay are likely to be " Second Hand " and I've had some brilliant (almost new stuff) for half the price.  But I also buy a lot of stuff new that would save me rushing up to the west end....and it's done at the push of a button.  (2) it's equally important to remember that the right tools won't necessarily make you good....but they can help you towards a better result. That's why it's so important not to fall into the trap and end up with a fake SM58. Although fakes might look the same and feel (to a certain extent) the quality of build and components is not. Therefore, neither is the quality of sound.  Unfortunetly, if you do not realise you've bought a can be seriously mislead into thinking that the mic is just no good and end up going for something else.  WHAT A TRADGEDY!  In my opinion the SM58 is a fantastic mic.  It looks good....feels good....and has a great sound..most has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD. 

Trying to save £20-£30 on a new mic is tempting....but just consider  IS IT WISE  when there's clearly a known risk of fakes about to take such a gamble ?'ll only end up shelling out once again for the real thing.  SO WHAT HAPPEND TO THAT BARGAIN??? 

I bought my SM58 from ABSOLUTE MUSIC SOLUTIONS (ebay trader) and proper existing music shop (no I don't work for them).  I know I paid top dollar and might have saved 5-10 elsewhere...but the fact is I'm so pleased with the result....and that's the point I'm trying to make.  If your happy with the really won't matter if you paid a few quid more than somewhere least you know 100% what you're getting and if there's a problem you've got a proper warranty and a point of return.  As I've already said..any bargins to be had...are more likely be second hand.  But please,please,please... really a brand new SM58 at  40 - 50 pounds the real thing???? Come on...let's not kid ourselves...we all know the answer to that.  There are some great tips from other members in these guides pointing out differences between fakes and the real thing.  Read through them and know what to look out for...check feedback...ask questions from the seller.  Get the seller to respond by email.  If he doesn't answer properly...DON'T BID!  One obvious difference between the real thing and a fake is that the real SM58's open at 2 points (the ball head and also a little bit further down the collar)...fakes only open on the ball but not further down the of the easiest ways to spot a fake.  So, if in doubt...ask the question...get the seller to commit to an answer and know what you're getting.  Let's try and at least defeat these guys who are otherwise trying to flog us clone mics costing them no more than a few quid.  If you really can't spend no more than 40-50 pounds... go for a used SM58 from an ebayer with a proven record.  These mics are really built to last. 

FINAL THOUGHT.....When considering the SM58 (or any other alternative) and have any doubts...just try one after ordering mine I read some negative comments on various sites (i.e) Harmony Central... being critical of the SM58...and I was seriously considering cancelling my order .... but I'm so glad I didn't cancel now.  Maybe the SM58 doesn't suit everyones voice/style...but it seems to work perfectly for me.  Maybe these critics have bought fakes and don't know it???  This mic is the industry standard. Just look at how many named artists use the SM58 when they can easily afford any of the more expensive alternatives...that's got to say something about the quality and performance of this mic........SHURELY (lol).

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