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I have read the guide by adalainejetski, and although he means well he is not correct. I have a genuine suzuki Lt50 and a linmax necht the Linmax is not a cheap chinese copy, it is an exact copy with no difference in parts or quality to the genuine suzuki,both quads were/are made in Korea (not Japan or China) i don't know for sure but they  probably both come from the same factory. Suzuki stopped making the Lt50 in 2002 and started the LT50a with suspension, so i am guessing they sold the rights to Linmax to carry on producing the old Lt50, or suzuki still produce it and just badge it as Linmax.

In summary don't be put off by the copies there is nothing wrong with them. all parts are fully interchangable with the genuine so finding spares is no problem. However don't pay as much for the copy, and this makes them great value for money. At the end of the day you are going to pay a premium for that suzuki badge and nothing els.

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