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This will tell you some of the basic tips on using and repairing your S107G

This is one of the best 3 channel mini helicopters you can buy , extremely stable because of its gyro.

3 channels are

  1. power .. up down
  2. forwards backwards
  3. rotation left right.
  4. Some say its a 4th channel or a 3.5 channel which is the gyro.

by using the combination of these channels you can get the helicopter to do pretty much anything you like.


left stick .. vertical  .. power .. up more power , down less power, enables the helicopter to lift off etc... must be used gently .. if you release the stick the helicopter will fall to the ground.. so release gently and gradually for smooth take off and landing.

right stick - horizontal .. left the helicopter turns left, right it turns to the right, rotate to the left or right

right stick - vertical .. forwards and backwards

trim adjust in centre of controller - adjusts the rotation .. allowing the helicopter to have directional stablity. Just test it you will see that it will move the nose from left to right when hovering.


Pulls out of the side of the controller, behind a sliding door under the controller.

Be gentle when pulling this lead out.

It plugs in to a connector on the side of the helicopter, the helicopter must be turned off when taking a charge (on off switch is on opposite side of the helicopter to the charge port)

When charging the light on the controller will be red, once charged it will go green.

If your batteries are too low then the light will not come on. Change the charger batteries.


Plug the lead in to the helicopter , once again the helicopter must be turned off.

Plug the other end in to your USB port on your PC.

The light in the plug will go out, when it is charged up it will go red.


The tail rotor should be straight and even , you can bend back the original one , you really only need to repace it if the original breaks.

Be  careful when removing the original so you do not pull the motor out of its mount, hold the motor so it doesnt move and lift off the rotor, replace it with a new one.


Helicopters ... even large ones, are fragile pieces of machinery and require a lot of precision to fly properly.

With gentle input to the controls you can avoid accidents quite easily, however hitting the odd ceiling, piece of furniture or a host of other possibilities can cause damage.

Things to check after an accident..

Once youve checked that nothing is broken

2 main things really

  1. Check that the ties holding the fly bar are attached properly 
  2. Check that the low blade mount hasnt moved, it needs to be pushed back down the shaft.

If you have any questions please ask, also we have all the spare parts for this helicopter .. once again you simply have to ask.

Happy flying



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