Saddam Hussein Iraq Banknotes

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One of the best designed banknotes to come from Saddam Husseins reign was the 25 dinar note first issued in 1986 this was the only banknote to feature Saddam in his full military uniform complete with Saddam watermark and security strip a very nice banknote printed to very high standards.

1986 (IQ73) 25 Dinar

Emergency Issue Iraq banknote from 1991 on the other hand were poorly printed many without watermarks or security features and due to economic reasons most were printed in China and Russia to reduce costs and errors are not uncommon. in these notes.

The people of Iraq prefered dealing in the US dollar as counterfeiting was common place only in North Iraq the swiss printed Iraq dinar without Saddams portrait was used and trusted by over 90% of the population after Saddams fall the new Iraq dinar was based on the Norths swiss printed design.

Current book prices vary from 75 cents to $20 per note although here on ebay expect to pay around 50 cents to $10 max avoid errors unless your experienced also due to monetary embargos some countries dont allow importing of Iraq banknotes although the USA,UK,Canada,Australia and a few EU countries do allow importing.

Many Saddam banknotes were destroyed by pulping and burning by the US and the post war Iraq government although Saddam notes are not uncommon they can only increase in value anyone in there 60s might remember playing as children with overseas occuapation banknotes some of these now command high prices will the same happen with these notes maybe time will tell????????

Enjoy your ebaying

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