Safe Mobile Buying & Selling

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As we all know, fraud is on the increase with mobile telephones. Not only are handsets that have been blacklisted selling daily, but sellers are also selling handsets only for them to be blacklisted at a later date.

I know many people who have brought phones on ebay only for them to "stop working" after a month or two. This is a result of the original owner/seller reporting the handset to their network and the network barring it off. This could mean it displays "sim registration failed", "sim failed" or you get a busy tone when trying to make calls. ie THE PHONE IS USELESS.

If buying any mobile phone from eBay and you get this problem, do take the time to 'follow up' your feedback. If not, any other potential buyers will only see the positive feedback you left before the handset was barred!

Anything which now appears on the right and says barred or blacklised will almost certainly not work in the UK ever again!

{anyone who suggests changing the identity is well outside of the law. I believe 5 years is the current mandatory stint!}

I suggest sellers supply a certificate from For £1, the company gives a certificate of ownership. Well worth the investment; it'd generate the interst of far more sensible buyers who subsequently are less likely to rip you off!!...{can you send this phone to my sick brother etc. !}

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