Safe Use of Oil Burners/Warmers

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Oil Burners are an effective way of dispersing various fragrances locally or throughout you home. In aromatherapy applications they can be used to vaporise essential oils or mixed blends.

Anatomy of a burner

There are three main parts to an oil burner or oil warmer.

  1. A supporting structure which can be highly decorative or simple design. The style you choose is very much a case of personal choice.
  2. A well or bowl which can hold a variety of fragrancing products or oil/water mixes. as well as essential oils & blends, you can also use simmering granules and fragrance oils.
  3. The main structure will also have a safe area in which to place a tea light, or night light.

Using An Oil Burner

Put the material which needs to be warmed in the well/bowl of the burner, insert a tea light in the holder area, light it and let it get on with its work.


  • Never leave it anywhere it can be reached by a child.

  • It would also be sensible to have a smoke detector in the premises
  • Never leave a burner unattended when in operation.
  • Make sure there is nothing flammable in the vicinity when it is burning
  • Make use it is no where near flammable substances..
  • Don’t let your burner burn dry. When the water or oil has evaporated, put the candle out. It is possible that the bowl could crack.
  • Although the candle flame is enclosed, it is still a candle, follow simple candle safety rules.
By following these simple and sensible precautions, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of your burner safely.

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