Safety First With PC's and Servers

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Safety First Please! Especially this time of the year in the Summer when the weather is hot. It can be especially dangerous when humidity meets electricity. We felt it is very important to point out to our ebay members that computers constantly carry electricity and caution is a must. If you are replacing a part please ensure you are wearing rubber gloves that cover your hands and arms partially. Please remember before any maintenance and replacement of parts that all power leads are completely removed. To further diminish a high voltage electric shock it is worth leaving the PC or Server for 24 hours. Please ensure that while any maintenance of a PC or Server is taking place especially in a home that no children are present as they always like to be very busy and love to help. If at anytime you are unsure with regards to the replacement of a part please seek professional advice from your local PC store or obtain the services of a Professional. It is further important to remember when replacing any parts a systems bios may need updating or upgrading to recognize the new installed hardware. Failing to understand or have the expertise in this area can result in permanent damage to a PC or server. Be cautious and be safe! Thank you Riverside Networks Web Community Health and Safety Public Service Advice.
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