Safety when paying in cash

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With the recent press story regarding the mother and son who were forced by an armed gang to hand over a large sum of cash, it is worth reiterating the rules for paying with cash safely. For those unfamiliar with the story, the son won the car on auction, but the seller offered a huge discount if they would pay cash before the end of the week. Both the mother and son took the money to the address given, where they were robbed at gunpoint by the gang of £5500. Nasty.

When ever large sums of cash or valuable items are to be exchanged, always chose to do so in a public place,  preferably somewhere you know there will also be CCTV cameras. If possible also try to make sure the exchange takes place in the daytime, or early evening as opposed to night. And remeber it never hurts to take a friend or two with you for the handover. If at all possible ask to use bank transfers, or postal orders rather than pay cash. Ideally stay with paypal as then you have the added insurance that paypal offer for both buyer and seller, and it really is worth the peace of mind for the small fee's involved.

All of the above rules also apply if you are the seller of an expensive item. If possible always arrange to have the item delivered to the winner rather than invite them to your house, and be wary of any one who offers you a sum of money for the item that is considerably more than it is worth in cash.

Remember that this was a very rare occurence and 99% of the ebayers out there are honest folk like yourself, but if you really must use large cash sums then always put your safety and security first.
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