Salmo Pike

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Salmo Pike

All models from the Pike family are first class for fishing in bank-side shallows on lakes at depths from 0.5m (the Pike 16SR) down to 2-5m (the Pike 16F). It is best to retrieve the Pike slowly but with some speed variations and frequent pauses. In large rivers cast downstream and retrieve against the flow, allowing the lure to stop occasionally close to bank features and over submerged vegetation where predators may be hiding.

The Salmo Pike are the ideal “jerk” baits and have a great roll and wiggle. Very popular for both trolling and casting, the one piece Salmo Pike baits are plain and simple fish catching machines.

The super large Pike 16 comes in 2 different colour patterns (Pike & Hot Pike) 

And 2 different diving depths (0.5/1.5m & 2.0/5.0m cast/troll)

As far as the look-alike finish of a Salmo Pike, well Salmo lure designers also have degrees in fish biology and understand the feeding habits of big pike. Their Research on the food for pike showed that cannibalism is very popular among this species. So why not create a perfect imitation of the small predator. Many trophy pike have been caught all over the world on the Salmo Pike.

DON’T be fooled by the cheap balsa wood imitations who try to make a Salmo Pike.They don’t run the same,They don’t hold up like a Salmo.

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