Samsung Armani P520 Mobile Phone

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This phone arrived today as an upgrade and I have to say I am really impressed with it. I have to admit that initially I was a was a little wary of   the 'designer' Giorgio Armani marketing hype surrounding it's release and expected to be disappointed but it is a good phone with some excellent features.

The packaging is as you would expect with Armani  behind the styling.  The box alone is a masterpiece in itself and contains all the usual samsung accessoroes plus four exclusive armani accessories - a leather case, an accessory bag for your headset and data cable,  phone bag and a screen wipe.  All of these, including the charger are coloured Armani - a dark sensuous chocolate hue instead of the customary black. I love the design. The touchscreen interface is a dream to use. This phone has loads of features that will appeal.  The MP 3 player and camera are good, battery life is good and there are options to customise too.

The new Croix touch screen interface has put Samsung in a league of its own. It is so easy to use.

Drawbacks - there is no radio but the MP3 player quality really makes this a minor point. It would have been good to have seen this released in different colours too but I guess the Armani contract restricted this. The case is a standard case with Armani styling.  I would have liked to have seen a battery case like the P300, P310 and F300.  The case style  allows for this. I am surprised Samsung did not include this as a feature

Anyone who liked the P300 and P310 will love this phone.  I would recomend you buy a screen protector - a good one - especially if you are looking to resell later.  This is a touch screen phone so you will need to protect it as much as possible from smearsand scratches.

Overall the Samsung Armani is a better phone than the F700 in terms of design, features and like most Samsung phones it is easy to use. Ladies dont be put off by the masculine colours - this is an ideal one for us to use.  It's light, small and very sexy in design. I reommend this phone. Excellent!

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