Samsung CLP300 toner refill

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Some sellers on eBay are selling refill toner kits for the clp300 without any form of instruction on how to use them. I have written this guide to help anybody in that position. However this is just my way of doing it and I will not accept any responsibility for any problems that result from doing it the way I did it.

The kit should consist of a number of toner bottles with the powder in them. Some chips with sticky pads to reset the counter and a tool for making a hole in the case of the cartridge.

Before you begin  you will also need some tape to cover the holes you will make and a means of heating the tool to melt through the case. I also used a craft knife to trim any bulges away from the hole to help the tape stick better.

If you go to Youtube and type in clp300 toner refill there is a video showing some of the items covered above.

WARNING - this task is like trying to eat a double whopper with your eyes closed - messy!!!
I did each refill in this order.
1. Peel off the top paper from the refill bottle for the colour I was replacing.
2. Heat the tool in the blowtorch.
3. Press the tool against the side of the casing.
4. Trim around the hole so the edges are smooth.
5. Carefully fill the cartridge ( if you still have some toner in the cartridge it may pay to empty it first cos it gets very messy if you dont)
6. Clean the area around the hole with a rag.
7. Place a piece of tape to cover the hole.
8. Make sure the space for the chip is clean and stick a pad in the opening.
9. Stick one of the chips to the pad making sure that the arrow on it points to the centre of the cartridge.
10. Replace cartridge in printer.

Job done.
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