Samsung D840

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Wow what a great phone... Easy menu system files are well easy to navigate around even for an old fuddy duddy like me... I swore by my little d500 that i had from brand new when they 1st come out so the 840 for me had to be rather easy to use... I love how the pictures are much better quality & the camera its fantastic clear and sharp.. I would well rate this phone easy 9/10 the reason its not a 10/10 is that ive not had mine very long and when you slide it up the top screen to me seems to rock to the right a little The phones looks are rather sleek too.. i wouldnt reccomend droping it much though (not like the d500 that was very robust i dropped mine frequently) the d840 phone is heavier & not as durable.. I got mine for just over £80.00 off ebay and am very happy with it (although i still have my d500 as a spare lol).. So if you like the d840s stylish looks & want an easy phone to use then BINGO i think you may just have found it...
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