Samsung F300 Mobile Phone - Ultra Music

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I owned this phone for 6 months and loved it.  Its light, the dual screen design is an innovation and great to use and even better the samsung case provided serves as an additional battery pack. With the phone plugged into the case the it can last up to a week before recharging with normal use. There is one drawback - the main battery is sealed into the phone and can only be replaced by an authourised samsung dealer.  I guess not many people will be doing this so when the battery dies, the phone will too.

Features - there are loads.  Lets start with the phone side.  Great keypad thats easy to use.  The menus are accessible on both sides so you have access to phone book. messages, applications, files, internet and everything. With an SD card  you can download music easily via the data cable and the download software works on Microsoft Vista.  The phone will allow you to set any music track as a ringtone. The applications are standard and work beautifully.  The phone is small and light.  Mine was black but the model comes in a range of colours including white, pink, red and blue.

The Mutlimedia side features camera, FM radio, MP3 players, files and much more.  all these are accessible via a touch screen interface that is easy to use.  Use the headset on the MP3 player and radio - the quality is excellent.

I loved this phone and would recommend it to anyone.  The best  of the Ultra series.  I sold it for an Armani Samsung and miss the radio already.

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