Samsung F700 Mobile Phone - Ultra Smart

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I have been waiting for this phone from Vodaone for some time.  It arrived two days ago and I have mixed feelings about this model.  It is well designed and the new Croix touch screen is excellent.  The vibetones feedback is a welcome addition and makes the phone very easy and reliable to operate.  The sound quality of the MP 3 is the best I have heard from Samsung and the video and graphics quality is excellent.  I like the feel of the phone and if this is the way Samsung are heading with future models then it will make them world leaders and a cut above most of of the other manufacturers looking to corner the luxury/touch screen market.  The screen out performs the old Sony ericsson symbian phones by a long way and it is definitely better than the I Phone. The free Bose headphones that come with this phone are brilliant.  The camera is good too.  All in all it's a great phone.

Although the phone is only available via Vodafone the one I have came unlocked to all networks.  This is unusual because Vodafone always lock their phones, I wonder if they realise this hasnt been locked.  Maybe they couldnt do it but its a positive point and should make these phones easy to sell with minimum hassle.

The querty keyboard is of good size and easy to operate.  Most people should feel comfortable using it and it combines with the touch screen functions beautifully to allow for smooth operation.

There are some drawbacks though that I think need to be highlighted to avoid misunderstanding and potential listing description problems  for sellers on Ebay.  First of all Vodafone have advertised this model as including an FM radio, It does not have a radio so if you have received this under contract then it is worth phoning Vodafone and complaining.  They offered me 3 months free line rental as compensation or offered to replace it with a different handset - I took the free line rental.

Second the design is a little bulky compared to other Samsung models and the handset is heavy by today's standards.  IFinding a case may be tricky because of the design but its early days. It would have been better if samsung had provided one themselves as they have with other models. Without good protection this phone is likely to be easily damaged.  I bought a leather case from ebay - it does the job beautifully.  You will definitely need a screen protector to keep it in top condition especially if you are looking to sell it on in the future, bearing in mind this is a touch screen phone the screen quality will be important to would be buyers.

Third, although this is as I said unlocked to all networks, Vodafone have placed their own styling on the phone and this limits the amount of customisation you can do. The menu is essetially a Vodafone one and not the standard Samsung one that provides so many options.  I could not turn off the keypad tone , message tones are limited (there are only 4) and there is only one skin.

That said, all in all this is a great phone and is rightly dubbed the Iphone killer. I would recommend it to buyers - you will love the touch screen interface and the Bose headphones are a dream. Nice work Samsung.

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