Samsung Galaxy S

Like if this guide is helpful
I have had my galaxy S now for arround 3mths and find it an awsome phone to use although it does have its faults. On the plus side it is so easy to use and to navigate the menus and the games from the android market are downloaded rather quick, the apps for the phone are growing and growing every day so there will be as much as you can take in to play about with. the camera and video are superb, I dont know how good it is against the i phone but with the samsung you not forced to have to pay for your music through itunes which is a good thing.
there are many apps to download free music to your phone. The wallpapers and pictures are great quality...
On the down side there isnt yet a docking station like you can get for the iphones and the charging soket is on the top of the phone instead of the bottom so putting into a docker would be hard.....
I gotta say though the Sat nav is Spot on i have used mine a number of times for the sat nav and every time its took me within 10ft of where i wanna be....
Ive had a few samsung phones over the years and ALWAYS found them Reliable and easy to use
there are many smart phones out there at the moment but my money went on the galaxy s and im really happy with it.......... mabey i should ov waited 2mths and got the galaxy s 2 but hey the 1 i got will do me just fine and i got a great contract deal too ££££££££s cheaper than a i phone

L8ers guys
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