Samsung Galaxy S IV Smartphone Review

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Samsung Galaxy S IV SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S IV

Watching today's smartphone market is pretty similar to watching a Formula One race. Not that it's dull, but almost everyone has a lead at some point. Samsung galaxy S3 was, according to benchmarks and general specifications, the best smartphone in the world. That was the case until Sony Xperia Z came out, a phone with even better specifications, and waterproof in addition to that! Of course, even that was not enough. That leads us to the newest and arguably the best current smartphone in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

In terms of design, there is not much to say for this handset. It looks pretty much like its ancestor, the Galaxy S3, except it is a bit thinner. Although the screen size has been bumped up to 5 inches, the phone did not gain any size or weight. That was a pretty smart move from Samsung, since a lot of people were saying that the S3 was too big. By making it bigger, the Samsung Galaxy S IV would just look like Galaxy Note II, which competes in another type of market. Except for making the screen bigger, the resolution was also improved to Full HD. Combined with Super AMOLED display, anything you do or watch on the phone will look amazing.

Now, try to imagine the most difficult task you can give a smartphone. Multiply that a few times and you will maybe get an idea of just how powerful the S IV really is. Instead of a single 8-core processor, Samsung put in two quad-core ones. One is clocked at 1.6 GHz, and the second at 1.2 GHz. Of course, there is plenty of RAM (2GB) to keep track with the engine of the S IV. So basically, anything you do on this device will be smooth and easy (which was the case even a year ago, but what can you do).

If you are a type of person that likes to “capture the moment”, this phone will do the trick. A 13 mp camera guarantees great pictures, while videos can be taken in 1080p Full HD @ 60 frames per second! Although, people often forget that no phone can replace an actual DSLR camera or camcorder. There is a lot more to it than just raw numbers.

All things considered, it seems that Samsung managed to take the crown once more with the Samsung Galaxy S IV!
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