Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases for Sale (A Must See)

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We have a range of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases that would meet the requirements of your phone. Well made and the best in quality we advise that you visit our store and see what would suit you. We believe that Communication, Fast Delivery and the best in quality product should alway be top of our list and with 24 Hour communication you can not go wrong. A growing business and fast growing respect should give you a second though to check us out online.


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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most hotly anticipated smartphone ever from the Korean brand, and with a glut of top end features, it's the most powerful and desirable device Samsung has created yet.

One of the most impressive things about the phone is the fact the size hasn't changed from its predecessor - the Galaxy S4 comes in at 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, meaning there's no extra heft to try and work with in your palm. However, despite this fact, the screen on the S4 has been increased once more, to a whopping 5-inch display with Full HD resolution. This means the same amount of pixels you'd have seen on a TV that cost well over £1000 four years ago is now riding around in your pocket.

Samsung has tried to supplement this with a tranche of software upgrades too, meaning a more powerful camera, a better way to communicate with your friends and consume media, and interestingly a big push into health through dedicated apps too.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 costs the same as the HTC One, give or take a pound or two, on contract. This will still put it around £35 per month, which isn't too bad for such a high design.

But before we dissect all the possibilities the phone has to offer, let's look at the design. As we mentioned, it's impressive in its form factor, thanks to the sub-8mm thickness, and at 130g it manages to still be light without shaving off so much heft that you feel like you've got a flimsy piece of plastic.

  • S4 Leather Flip Cases
  • S-Line Cases
  • Crocodile Style Wallet Cases
  • Leather High Stitched and well made cases

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