Samsung Mobile Phone Unlocking

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Unlocking your Samsung mobile phone is as easy as plugging in your charger.

What am i talking about here?.

The Samsung Unlocking Clip!.
A simple and effective device that you plug into the bottom of your mobile phone only takes 3 seconds & it is totally unlocked..
Simple, inexpensive and a very professional piece of unlocking hardware.
With prices starting from £3.99p Whever your unlocking one, Two or a few phones or more, it is well worth your while to invest in these unlocking clips. and it will unlock as many phone as you like!
This unlocking device can not be beaten!


Use & Resell
Simple and easy to use
Extremly reliable
No Pc or batteries required (takes power from phones battery).
Very small and very portable
Unlocks phones in seconds
No updates needed
Remove Sim Lock.
Reset Security Code/User Lock.


Easily Lost

A Few FAQ's

Q: Will the clip remove "Limited Service" from the phone.
A: The clip will NOT remove"Limited Service" from the Phone " Limited Service" means the phone is BARRED, BLOCKED, This happens when a phone is reported lost or stolen, This is not an unusal occurence for more info contact us....
Q: How many samsung phones can I unlock with a unlocking clip?
A: You can unlock as many as you like. There is no limits as long as it is supported by your clip.
Q: Will my existing network service provider know if I unlock my mobile phone?
A: Certainly not! The only way any network provider can tell is if they physically have the phone and check using another network SIM card.
Q: Is it illegal to unlock my phone?
A: In the United Kingdom it is not illegal, however laws are different for every country so we suggest you check first with the relevant authorities.
Q: Will I have to unlock my phone every time I change SIM cards?
A: No, once a phone is unlocked it stays unlocked forever unless it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair and sometimes they can relock it back the network bought on.
Q: I've unlocked my phone, but when I turn it on, it still shows the name of the previous wireless service. Why is this?
A: When you unlock your phone, you only alter the sim lock data in it. This means that no firmware or other settings will be changed or modified. Because the network logos, welcome notes and other settings are stored to the phone memory they will not be changed.

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