Samsung SGH-U900

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Have now changed my phone from the D900 which with marks out of 10 is a 8.5, but now have the Samsung Soul which beats even that on a score of about 9. The neat little touch screen is great but takes a little while to get used to, so don't fret when you first get it. Its better than its little brother by having a 5 meg Camera, holds loads more contacts, and gives you lots more extras. The one real big issue I have with phones is that the Bluetooth is never as good as they say on the box. Well this phone is the exception. Connects easy with your car and stays connected. Easy to connect to your PC, and Downloads off of the Web are easy. Like all phones they have just a little thing that's wrong, in this one it's the weight. Not that heavy but heavier than the D900. So overall I say go and get yourself one, and give it a year or so until they perfect the new touch screens.
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