Samsung X830

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Samsung X830 - also known as 'blush', the tiny MP3 flip phone with 1GB memory.

These phones retail in high street stores on pay as you go with SIM and credit for £140 - £160, please don't waste up to £250 buying one off here thinking you're getting a bargain!

Sellers love trying to persuade you you are buying a limited edition phone that you can't get for cheaper anywhere else - it just comes down to doing your research. I am looking into buying this phone and after looking at the main hight st retailers' websites, thought I've have a quick look to see if there were any bargains on Ebay. I have never seen such overpriced products on here - just do your research fisrt folks, please! They are popular phones but you don't need to get into a bidding war to get a good price, you can get them on most networks for far cheaper.


Hope this helps!

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