Samurai Swords

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I did buy three Swords from China for .99 cents US, and the shipping was $225 which is par for the course.  Two swords were practically identical except one was left handed and the other right.  They were Damascus and from the 19th Century.  The other was a Solid blade with etching, but was not fooled with to mimick a Damascus.
All three had the fish in the handle, and the two old ones had the Seppoku knives cleverly set in the scabbard (whatever the Japanese called it).  Japan had conquered much of China and was still there when the Abomb went off.  After the surrender, the Japanese basically dropped all weapons and made their way to the coast to get back to Japan.  All swords, rifles, pistols and other weapons were left on the ground.  They have been carted off and put into storage and there are many thousands available for whatever they can get for them.  There was, is, and will continue to be no shortage.
Same thing with German K98 Mausers.  They're everywhere.
Oh, I forgot.  You can't have any.
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