Sandstone Landscaping Ideas

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Sandstone Landscaping Ideas

Attractive and durable, sandstone is a versatile material that gives you a huge range of options for landscaping. Garden landscaping may seem like a daunting challenge to many homeowners. However, a look at some of the more popular sandstone landscaping ideas will give you a good starting point for upgrading your outdoor living space.


Sandstone Paving

Sandstone paving is simple, effective, and easy to install. Use sandstone paving to create a low maintenance paved area for your garden table and chairs, and set up your barbecue on the paving, too. Level the ground before you lay the sandstone slabs to ensure that the slabs do not crack and break as you walk across them. Sandstone paving also makes an excellent pathway, whether you want a purely functional path from your gate to your door, or attractive, winding pathways that meander through your flowerbeds. Again, levelling the ground beforehand is crucial for a long lasting finish to your sandstone pathways. You also need to consider whether you want to simply lay the slabs onto bare earth, which is a green choice but requires more maintenance, as weeds quickly grow in the gaps between sandstone slabs. For lower maintenance, you can lay weed suppressant fabric sheets, and for more protection and a firmer hold, lay the slabs in cement.


Raised Sandstone Beds

Raised sandstone beds provide a distinctive and appealing look. If you enjoy growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables, consider building raised beds using sandstone blocks. Raised beds are also a good choice for those with back problems and poor mobility, including persons in wheelchairs. The sandstone blocks provide durable edging to your raised beds and give your garden a rustic feel. In addition, sandstone raised beds need little maintenance, unlike wooden raised beds.


Sandstone Water Features

If you have a pond, creating a sandstone water feature is simple. For a natural look, consider building a waterfall. Build up your sandstone at one end of your pond, creating different levels and shapes for the water to flow over. Use a pond pump or pond filter and run the water outlet to the top of your sandstone waterfall. The water then travels over the sandstone waterfall, back into the pond. Not only does this produce a beautiful, natural-looking water feature, but it also benefits your pond and any fish that you put there, as the water picks up additional air as it travels.

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