Santa's Ghetto 2007 Prints - NOT SOLD OUT

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People, just a quick warning, do not buy over inflated prints from people selling the prints released this year by as most are not sold out and can be bought for their original price still on the website. The people selling on here have a habit of putting all available prints in their basket to give the impression that they are sold out to artificially inflate the price e.g the Gee Vaucher print released yesterday 'sold out' within minutes but the morning after there were at least 40prints available in each colour.

If we do not purchase prints for over inflated prices then the 'flippers' of the prints will have no choice but to lower prices or not even buy-to-sell in the first place.

And please also remember that all money that santasghetto/POW make will be going to good causes and by purchasing on here for over inflated prices you are only lining the pockets of the greedy and not the needy.

I am all for selling art to make a profit in the future but these prints have not been shipped yet and how is the seller to know that the print they receive will be in perfect condition when they pass it on to you if they do not open. This would be a nightmare if you bought a print from someone here and it was damaged but the seller didn't open it to check first - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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