Sat Nav + Catalytic Converters - Whats The Link?

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Satellite Navigation And Catalytic Converters – Whats The Link?

Well the first obvious link is that they are used in vehicles. The worrying link between the two though is that they have a high resell value and are being targeted heavily by thieves.

Catalytic converters are being heavily targeted because of the high resell and scrap value. Even dealerships and forecourts have been hit as well as salvage yards. Cars that are parked out of site in the dark have also fallen foul. Keep your car safe and park it within view. You have worked hard for it so protect it from opportunists.

In car Satellite Navigation units are being targeted by thieves due to their high value and how easy they are to steal. It only takes a second to smash a window and remove. Thieves will also smash your window if a suction ring is visible as they will think it is in the glove compartment. Just wipe the ring clean with a tissue and never leave a unit in your car. This is very similar to the spate of mobile phone thefts that used to occur. Currently about 12 Satellite Navigation units are stolen in the UK every minute.

If you havent done so already mark your Satellite Navigation Unit with something that will link it back to you. For example with your registration number or postcode. You could also use a random number but make sure to make a note of what you have used and don’t leave the note in your car. Use a security marker. They are widely available on eBay and in stationary shops.

Keep your car safe and enjoy motoring.

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