Satin Shoe Dyeing For Weddings

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Shoes to Dye For!



So you have your dress, the bridesmaids are gonna look great in the latest burgundy strapless dresses, with matching bags...but what about their shoes?


It can be expensive to get the matching shoes for the big day, especially when you have to fork out for it all! The simple solution is to buy as many ivory or white shoes in the sales, for all sizes..even the styles can differ a little and the girls can choose the heel height to suit them personally.


So now we need to get the shoes dyed to match the dresses, or wraps


Ivory is best to use to dye a darker colour, but white is ok. For best results use one or the other. Its easier and gets best results.



Now you need your colours, I use fabric paint. For burgundy you will need red, blue, white, black and depending on the shade of burgundy a little bright pink.


Mix colours in a dish, starting with white add your red, then a little blue a tiny bit of black and then a little pink if necessary.


You will need rubber gloves now


When the colour looks correct then add water. Now you need to test a patch onto a piece of the satin that comes with the shoes normally. If not use a piece of white fabric, satin is best.


When you are happy with your swatch, stuff all your shoes and or bags with tissue paper and use a sponge to apply first coat. Let these dry and apply more. Leave to dry and then clean the soles with nail varnish remover .



No more than 4 coats!!



Polish up any diamonte with a make-up sponge




Thats it simple!





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