Saturday night fever.. i'd rather be out

Like if this guide is helpful

An over rated and boring film in my opinion

I can see and image the impact it made in its day, and with the smooth dancing of one Mr John Travolta. But it left me bored and not even wanting more

I found the charatcers out dated and was unable to relate to them

I had wanted to see this film for a long time and finally i caught it... and feel asleep 'just before the best bit', so i watched it again, and i got really bored and couldnt watch anymore


I finally saw the whole thing, 'good bit' and all. And well... i was not impressed.

I dont think it deserves the hype surrounding it. Its a good film if you have nothing better to do and want a good laugh at the fashion and clothing expense. But not f you want to leave after the film thinking Wow

Not worth the wait and struggle

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