Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts Buying Guide

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Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts Buying Guide

There are many kinds of miniature cars available on the market for hobbyists and driving enthusiasts. Radio-Controlled Cars are one of the most popular choices of car because of their power and range. They are powered through a radio-frequency connection and batteries can be recharged in between drives.

Savage is a well-known make of radio-controlled cars and is still one of the most popular brands of RC car today. There are various high street stores around that give buyers a choice of design, but online outlets like eBay let the buyer filter out results and choose the right model in their own home.

Unlike cars that are powered by remote controls, radio-controlled cars depend upon the radio-frequency connection to move. Savage Radio-Controlled Cars include:

  • Savage XL
  • Savage X 4.6 (“Big Block”)
  • Savage X SS
  • Savage 3.5
  • Savage HI MT2 Car Buggy

Savage radio-controlled cars often have a playing time of up to 20 minutes and can be controlled from a considerable distance, using the radio-controlled frequency in the controls. They can reach speeds of around 10mph.

Savage radio-controlled cars are normally built by purchasing individual parts and constructing a design over time. This guide will explain how, and what a hobbyist needs to buy in terms of Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts.

Origins and the Modern Role of Savage Cars and Parts

The first radio-controlled cars can be traced back to the mid 20th Century. Elettronica Giocattoli, an Italian manufacturer of small-scale cars, created the first radio-controlled small-scale car in 1966. This was called the 1:12 Ferrari 250 LM.

After 1966, more makers contributed to the radio-controlled market with their own creations and the industry is still buoyant today. With well-known companies creating cars like the Savage XL, designed for extreme surfaces and reaching high speeds, hobbyists can choose from a wide range of powerful, personalised projects and construct their own designs.

Today, the type of radio-controlled cars available can ride on dirt tracks, jump over water, drive on grass and turn corners fast. They come with a powerful amount of ‘nose power’ (meaning their forward drive capacity), and some Savage radio-controlled vehicles have earned the nickname Monster Trucks because of their capacity to move around quickly over different surfaces. Savage radio-controlled cars are loud, making a buzzing noise as they flip over terrain, and they have large wheels, which improves their balance and grip.

Features of Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts

Savage radio-controlled cars are constructed a bit like K’NEX. Their many parts and complex design means that the maker can spend considerable time building up a collection of accessories to add to the basic model they have purchased. Although most Savage radio-controlled cars are 98% factory assembled and can be run in a matter of minutes after charging the batteries in the transmitter, often hobbyists want to customise their car with different parts.

There are lots of designs of Savage radio-controlled cars. One of these is the Savage XL. This consists of:

  • 2.4GHz DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
  • Basic frame and engine
  • Radio system with en electronic “failsafe” for protection
  • Transmitter

The additional parts that this Savage radio-controlled car needs (and this goes for all Savage cars) includes batteries for the transmitter and engine. These are often of a standard AA-size, easy to purchase online at eBay. Another piece of equipment that is required when constructing a Savage radio-controlled car is a soldering iron. This is needed to build battery packs for second-hand kits that are missing one, or for complex cars that are being built from scratch.

Optional extras that hobbyists can look at for Savage radio-controlled cars include:

  •  Air filters
  • Bearings
  • Body accessories
  • Body shells
  • Engine plates
  • Exhausts
  • RC model spares
  • Tune-up options
  • Tyres
  • Wheels

Components and Customisation of Savage Radio-Controlled Cars

There are so many accessories for Savage radio-controlled cars that a simple search on eBay will produce over 2,000 results for parts and accessories. These extras include different chassis options, various buggy shells (suitable for difficult terrain), suspensions, gearboxes, tyre rims for decorative purposes and shock absorbers for jumps the car may be making over uneven surfaces.

The benefit to relying upon eBay for components of Savage radio-controlled cars is that there are a lot of local and authorised sellers to buy from, specialising in different accessories. This range of sellers means that there are a lot of different bundles, kits and parts to choose from.

A Shock Parts Set will enable a hobbyist to purchase:

  • Body shells
  • Body shells and accessories
  • Drift tyres
  • Drift wheels and tyres
  • Electronics
  • Motors and combos
  • Motor gears
  • Nuts and screws
  • Tyres
  • Wheels
  • Wide wheels / tyres

Other components and parts that a hobbyist can look at include air filters, brake cam and piston sets and bundles of Savage radio-controlled car parts. Most sellers group their items into selections of tyres, electronic equipment or decorative items. This makes it easier to choose specific components that the maker needs in one go.

Savage Car Part Kit

Typically Included

Average Bundle of Savage Car Parts

Alloy wheels, tyres, suspension arms, steering posts, upper arms, exhaust header, exhaust pipe, shocks, body shell, chassis, gear box case, bulkhead set, skid plates, body mount, shock tower, radio box, dog bones

HPI Savage Bundle of Savage Car Parts

Hose, exhaust, filter shock box, tyres

Engine Plates for Savage Cars

Choice of different colours and styles of engine plates

Benefits of Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts

There are many benefits to constructing a Savage radio-controlled car with the range of car parts eBay has to offer. Ultimately, it is the hobbyist’s decision over what colours the tyres or engine plate will be, how powerful the exhaust and engine can become and the type of suspension used. The amount of possible customisation on eBay lets the hobbyist relax and be confident in choosing parts. It can also be cost-effective to buy basic models and then buy additional bundles from sellers in order to add to the basic model. This can be more straightforward than aiming to create a Savage radio-controlled car from the beginning and can take a lot less time.

However, purchasing car parts and components has now become so popular that many kits are being discontinued in favour of a wide collection of individual parts and makers building Savage radio-controlled cars from the start.The choice is up to the buyer – there are so many options out there for customisation.

Concerns with Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts

There are some concerns of Savage radio-controlled car parts, but these can be easily avoided by taking the right precautions.

  • Small parts include tyres, exhaust pipes and batteries can be a safety hazard if not correctly stored or used
  • Adhesives are needed to fix materials together
  • Soldering irons are used to create battery packs – potential for burning or ignition due to the temperature of the soldering tip

The danger of working with small parts and using adhesives is that pieces can be swallowed, and glue can be inhaled. Soldering irons also present the user with a safety hazard. As a result, it is recommended that a responsible adult is present when children are constructing a radio-controlled Savage car. Caution should be taken over any design and the process of construction should not be rushed.

How to Buy Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts on eBay

The simplest way to browse and purchase Savage car parts is to take a look at eBay’s collection of components. Typing in the phrase Savage Car Parts will produce a search results page containing thousands of accessories. This page will enable a user to look at everything from tyres to exhaust pipes.

To filter the results down, there are a number of boxes that can be ticked in the control panel and these will narrow your search. For instance if the user was searching for body shells or screws, follow the links on the left-hand side of the page and select these key words.

Further filters include:

  • Location
  • Power source
  • Scale
  • Seller

Parts are available for express delivery or have free postage and packaging, and the nature of the hobby means that sellers are often experts in their field. This means it is possible to contact sellers for additional clarification and further information about the component the buyer is interested in buying.


It has never been easier to construct a Savage radio-controlled car. Instead of purchasing parts from various High Street stores and finding the choice to be overwhelming, choosing from reputable and local top-rated sellers from eBay gives the user filtered and highly tailored search results to look through.

Choosing from particular bundles of components, like big tyre bundles, lets the maker change tyre design whenever they want to. This flexibility over the personalisation of Savage radio-controlled cars is what makes them stands apart from other ready-made kits. The construction of Savage radio-controlled cars is a time-consuming but ultimately enjoyable experience. The customisation options involved when selecting different Savage Parts mean that no two models will look the same.

Collecting Savage Radio-Controlled Car Parts is fun, and the construction process is rewarding when the final design has been put together. There are thousands of products available on eBay from local and specialist sellers, and the community of radio-controlled fans willing to share their knowledge of the process with a buyer is what makes the experience even more worthwhile.

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