Save 90% on Energy Costs - with LED Christmas Lights

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Why pay twice as much for LED fairy lights … because they will save you money and help the environment.

Some facts about our high quality LED's that you really should know.


  • LED’s (light emitting diodes) are not a bulb but a circuit and are very durable.
  • They are incredibly bright (3 x times brighter than standard bulbs).
  • Last up to ten times longer than a standard fairy light
  • Use on average 90% less power than standard fairy lights- see table below
  • They are very durable and hardy - no filament to break.
  • The bulbs generate virtually NO HEAT and thus are very safe!
  • Non-replaceable bulbs. No bulb changing ever.
  • Our LED’s have fuse bulb technology - if one goes out all the others remain lit
  • Will last for many years - we may perish before the LED's.
  • Battery LED's available where you have no power
  • Pay for themselves in one year of constant use!
  • Expect 100,000 hours - that is 11.4 years of non stop use.
  • Our LED's are manufactured to highest European 'GS' standard
  • Our LED's are available in a choice of over 10 vibrant colours.

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Comparison of UK Electricity Costs on LED's.

Based on an average UK price of £0.104 pence per kilowatt hour and 10 Hours use a day. (June 2006 Electricity Prices)


LED Blue Outdoor String Lights

200 Bulbs 2 x 10 Metre sets

Watts 14.4w (7.2w per set)

Service hours per day 10

Energy use per year 52.56KW

Annual energy costs : £5.47


Major Brand Name

Standard Bulb Fairy Lights

200 Bulbs 13 Metres

Watts 140w

Service hours per day 10Energy use per year 511.0KW

Annual energy costs: £53.14


Electricity Cost Saving per annum for LED's

£47.67 = 90%


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