Save Energy by Buying Solar Powered Mobile Chargers and Docks

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Save Energy by Buying Solar Powered Mobile Chargers and Docks

Mobile phones have become an essential part of modern life and it is rare to find a household that doesn't have at least one while larger families may have three or four mobile phones between them. All mobile phones need to be charged on a regular basis so this can mean quite a high level of energy being consumed if several phones are involved. If the phones are also connected to docks on a regular basis to play music then this usage combined with the charging could have a visible effect on the electricity consumption of a household. The damage that the production of energy can do to the environment has been well publicised and energy conservation will help to reduce that damage. An additional reason to consider the use of solar powered mobile chargers and docks is that the cost of utilities has raised steeply over the last few years so any effort to try and save energy will obviously also save money. The use of solar powered mobile chargers and docks could be an effective way to charge a mobile phone while saving energy and therefore money on the electricity bill. A solar panel situated on the charger or the dock is charged by the sun and then powers a rechargeable battery that is contained in the charger or dock and this will then charge the mobile phone. There are several features that should be considered when choosing a suitable solar powered charger or dock to buy.

Energy Capacity

It is vital to make sure that the solar powered charger or dock can hold sufficient power to charge the phone. The specification to look at in order to check this is the mAh figure. This figure stands for milli Amphere hour. The general rule is that the higher the mAh figure is then the greater amount of energy will be able to be stored within the charger or dock.

Blocking Diode

This is a useful feature that is not present in all models of solar powered chargers and docks. A blocking diode prevents the charge that has gone into the phone from then leaking back into the empty battery of the charger. When using a solar powered charger or dock which does not have a blocking diode it is necessary to monitor the level of charge in the phone as it increases and the energy level in the battery of the charger or dock as it decrease. It will be necessary to disconnect the phone as soon as the battery in the charger has become empty in order to prevent any power leakage.


It is necessary when choosing any charger or dock to check which phones will be compatible with the device and solar powered docks and chargers are no exception. Compatibility issues are often caused by differences in phone connections. Manufacturers of solar powered chargers and docks are now beginning to adopt a mini USB port as the standard connection and this may ease compatibility problems in the future.


Some models of phone chargers and docks that are powered by solar power are sold with a set of connectors. This can be useful particularly if it is intended to use the chargers and docks with different makes and models of mobile phone. If no connectors are included with the charger or dock then it is worth confirming what type of connector will be required for the phone that will be used with it. IPhones may require a special connector.

Solar Panel

The size of the solar panel will determine how quickly the battery in the charger or dock will be fully recharged. It will not have any impact on the speed of charging the mobile phone. It is worth considering whether the charger or dock will need to be portable as clearly a larger solar panel will make it less difficult to carry the device around or to travel with it.


Solar powered mobile chargers and docks are often used for situations when there is not a mains supply of electricity that is easily accessible. A camping trip would be a good example of this sort of situation. A small charger or dock would probably suffice for this level of usage but if it is intended to use the charger or dock on a more regular basis then it would be advisable to look for a bigger device. Also if a solar powered charger will need to be used to charge more than one phone at a time then it will be advisable to choose a larger charger with a bigger solar panel. Another point to consider is where the solar panels are positioned on the charger or dock. There are some models where the solar panels clip onto the charger or dock when it needs to be repowered. This can be a problem as there is a greater risk of the panels being damaged or broken. It is preferable to look for a device where the solar panel is an integral part of the surface of the device.


The UK weather can be unpredictable with often limited hours of sunshine. This will obviously impact on how effectively the solar powered charger or dock will be able to be repowered. If the device is intended for use all year round then it may be worth considering the purchase of a charger or docks that has a backup battery or which can be connected to the mains.

To Find a Solar Powered Mobile Charger or Dock on eBay

It is simple to search for solar powered mobile chargers and docks that are listed on eBay. The first step is to find the category that contains the listings. This is done by going to the eBay home page and clicking the link labelled Shop By Category. This will pull up a list of some categories but it is necessary to click on the link See all categories in order to pull up the list of every category on eBay. The category that needs to be opened is Mobile Phones & Communication. Once it has been opened then a list of sub categories will be displayed. The next step is to click on the sub category titled Mobile Phone & PDA Accessories which will then display a further list of sub categories. The final sub category to select is Chargers & Docks. Every single type of phone charger and dock will then be listed. In order to limit the search solely to the devices which are solar powered it is necessary to refine the search by using the Type sub menu on the left and ticking the box for solar powered chargers. There are other sub menus which enable the user to further refine the search if required by indicating what is the required condition, the compatible brand and the required brand of the device. An alternative way to search is simply to type in "solar powered chargers and docks" into the search bar that is at the top of every page on eBay.


Using a solar powered phone charger or dock can be an effective way to save energy. The charger or dock normally contains a rechargeable battery that is powered by energy received through a solar panel. The rechargeable battery then powers the mobile phone. A solar powered charger or dock can also be used to charge more than one phone at a time which is a further saving in energy. The intended usage will be the deciding factor in choosing the size of the charger or dock and it is worth looking for a model which contains a blocking diode to prevent energy leaking from the phone back into the charger or dock.

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