Save Money on Ebay

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I have learnt the easiest way to save money on Ebay is to preload all your items into Auctiva and wait for the freeloaders day, when it comes which is at the moment about once a month, go into your saved listings and just click away to activate the listings in to Ebay. The other way i do it is to list items straight into Ebay and if they are chargeble for fees dont relist them if they dont sell, we have nearly 200 which we could list but would incurr fees if we did, we therefore wait for a freeloaders day and there we have them all just sitting there to relist, this way our fees are minimal and our returns are better, in the meantime to keep your account active and benefit from the free listing under 99p policy continue to list as many as you can , by doing so you attract a bigger audience in the search criteria. When they come off you can relist them again for free. In this game you have to put some work into your store, ebay or sales to get some return. The other thing we do which is always helpfull, is to scan as much as you can, save it to file on your computer, this will make it easier to list when you get the time, finding items, scanning them and listing them from fresh is time consuming when the hours of the freelisting days comes up, be prepared to whack them on  as soon as you can when that day come, you know it will make sense. A bit of advise also, be sure to back up your files as a lot of time can be lost if you spend a whole day scanning then find you have lost the files through a fault on your system.

Since this went to print , ebay has changed its policy now only to allow 100 listings a month on freeloading day, soon it will be 10 then none. is a new site, its cheaper and worth joining to save money and give ebay a rest, not that they would be worried anyway but then again its not money out of their pockets is it


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