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Have you ever considered how much it costs to buy something with a logo on it?  For example, a t-shirt with your favourite footie team logo on the pocket - or a childs pillow case with their favourite TV character on it?

Save yourself money by doing it yourself!  If you use waste canvas you can cross-stitch ANYTHING onto any material - for example..... Peppa Pig onto your little girls favourite jeans............. Liverpool onto your guy's hankie or t-shirt..................... Postman Pat on your little boy's pillow case - the possibilities are endless really!

I have used waste canvas myself to personalise LOTS of things for family and friends

Why pay through the nose for an item of clothing etc with the logo on it when you can use an existing item and cross stitch something on it.

It makes sense not just financially but you will enjoy doing it and it adds the personal touch PLUS you can put whatever they like on whatever they have!!!

I once stitched Piglet from Winnie the Pooh onto a plain black pillowcase for my niece - no-one else will ever have the same pillowcase as her and she is a Piglet NUT!!

Waste canvas is SO easy to use - you stitch using it in the same way as normal aida - ONTO the garment etc - then, when you have finished, wet the whole thing, and pull out the strands of waste canvas and throw away - wait for the garment to dry, then iron on the wrong side and you're done!

A perfect top, pair of jeans, hankie, bedspread, duvet cover etc etc etc that is SO personal to the one you love!

Waste canvas can be bought SO cheaply too - on eBay or at any goodcraft shop or haberdasher

For excellent designs to use - see my listing.  I have LOTS of charts for sale at MAD prices to give you ideas.

Christmas is just around the corner - gifts ideas galore!!!

Go on - give it a go!!

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