Save money to Make money on parchment craft items.

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Parchment craft can sometimes be an expensive craft which involves hours of hard work so why sell it so cheap. Read on to discover how you can really profit from this wonderful hobby.

First you need to know how to save money.

  • If you use gel pens instead of mapping pens to outline your work you will save loads of money not to mention saving on the mess too.
  • The special colouring pens/pastels can also be very expensive, you can find similar items in Pound Shops throughout the country which work just as well or you can use kids colouring chalks to the same effect.
  • Perforating tools which have any number of needles come in a huge range but as most patterns have the holes already marked why not just use a sewing needle. Each perforating tool will cost you anything from £2.25 and up whereas you probably already have a sewing needle somewhere in the house.
  • Embossing tools come in a wide range of sizes too. You can get double sided ones with silcone easy grip handles in packs of 3 which will only cost £2, you'll have 6 sizes of ball in this pack which will save you around £8 on the metal individual ones. Alternatively, you can use anything with a small enough round end to emboss, including knitting needles or small crochet hooks.

Now you have the tools to create wonderful parchment craft items you need to know how to sell them.

  • Craft fairs are ideal for parchment craft items as they are not available in any shops. At a craft fair you can sell your parchment craft cards for around £5 each
  • In the office or workplace. I found that taking a few samples of my handmade cards into work got me loads of orders and as each card was individually made that I could charge whatever they were willing to pay. If you're not happy with the price you don't have to make the card.
  • Make enquiries at your local craft shop or card shop to see if they will allow you to market your cards there. You'd be surprised at how many shops will let you do this.
  • With any cards that you give to friends or relatives place a promotional sticker on the back giving your contact details and a very brief outline of what you can make, on the back of the card. As you know, people can be nosey and will usually look on the back of the card to see where it's come from and some indication of the price.

I really hope that this helps you to make more money from your hours of hard work.


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