Saving money on shower gel

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I know what you must be thinking. Shower gel isnt that expensive, right! But why waste hard earned cash when there really is no need? Why throw money at these big corporate companies when you can spend it on things that are important to you.

I love shower gel, there is something about the smell of it and just putting it over your skin. It makes me feel so clean and nice. One of my favourite treats is going out to buy it. I must admit that I have a full cupboard of 'beauty' products. Shower gels, shampoos, conditioners. You name it I probably have it. I have spent a fortune in the past. But there comes a time I think no more. I have so much, I need to use what I have.
So how do you make sure you are getting good value for money? I always mix shower gels with water. I have a 500ml bottle that I use for mixing. I add 250ml of shower gel, then 250ml of water. Give it a shake and voila double the amount for the same price.
The shower gel still smells lovely, and you are still clean. But it cuts out the pouring the shower gel out and then putting it under water for it to lather. It lathers easier now and is just as effective.
Maybe the next stage is to mix two shower gels together and add water to get a whole different smell.

The possibilities are endless... 
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