Saving money using vouchers /coupons

Like if this guide is helpful

I have found going on different websites its quite easy to save

money and most supermarkets as long as you have bought the item in question are happy to take them.As long as you have a printer (i think this is the easiest way myself)or you can have them sometimes  sent to your home address.
Alot of vouchers are for everyday items we all buy anyway and not only that but its a good way of trying something new for free or nearly free.What more could you ask for with minimum of fuss.You can buy vouchers/coupons on Ebay if you so wish its just a matter of doing a search in the box and deciding how much you are going to save against how much you wish to spend.
Sometimes if an item is on a "buy 2 for x amount"you can use 2 vouchers against an item so even better value .
Vouchers/coupons can be printed in black/white i usually do them in colour i think they look better myself but it doesnt matter.
It is worthwhile checking online to see which supermarkets have the items (that you have the vouchers for) on offer to get best value.
If you shop at one of the major supermarkets its worth keeping an eye out for their magazines some are free some not but there was a time i picked up a magazine free in one of the supermarkets and was getting drink for nothing so worth it.
Vouchers sometimes have along date on them but occasionally its quite short and i have forgotten to use them .Please do not use out of date vouchers/coupons as it will spoil it for everyone and there will end up being none for any of us to use.
A good way of getting vouchers is to signup for one of the major supermarkets cards
(that you use everytime you shop)as they then will send moneyoff coupons eg spend £30 get £3 off and also targetted vouchers as in what you do buy.
It can be quite fun and surprising how much you can get for a little amount of time /effort so if its for you have fun and enjoy the savings .!

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