Saying Hello to Kitty =^..^=

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=^..^=    It all started back in the 1970s with a cute little purse in Japan.  It was a plastic purse, one of many produced by a modest, family-owned company, and it was decorated with a little cat's face. The cat purses sold like hot cakes, Sanrio realised they were on to a winner, Kitty acquired a body, two legs and two arms (possibly inspired somewhat by Snoopy of Peanuts), learned to walk upright, and to dress in a neat blue pinafore frock...and a legend was born.

=^..^=     Kitty's thirty odd years have seen many career changes. She attends sporadically a kindergarten-level school.  She has also worked as a nurse, a princess, a ballerina, a honey bee, a geisha and a waitress.  At times (presumably in between each of her nine lives) she has also been known to appear as an angel, complete with wings and sometimes a magic wand. 

=^..^=     Improbably, Kitty's official biographies reveal her to be an all-English gal,  er... cat.  And her personal life is anything but uncomplicated.  She lives in London with her parents and her twin sister Mimmy (pron. MiMi).  And she has been married around a dozen times (at least).  All to the same purrson, er... kitten, mind you.  The lucky kitten, each time has been Dear Daniel.  Kitty and Daniel clearly love being married - so much so, that they are connoiseurs of weddings.  They have made a point of getting married according to the customs (and dressed up in the authentic costumes) of every nation in which Hello Kitty is revered.  This includes several weddings in China.  Instead of mundane wedding photographs, the images of these sumptious occassions are preserved and commemorated in the collectable Kitty and Daniel pairs of wedding dolls issued in the Far East.  Occasionally these treasures come up for sale on eBay. 

=^..^=    But it isn't all romance for the happy couple.  As megastars, the Kittens have their careers and images to think of, and as such, whenever they return from one of their numerous honeymoons,  Kitty goes back home to her folks, while Daniel returns to his lonely batchelor pad, and a life of monastic continence.  This is not because they had been rowing.   As perennial stars the thirty-something kittens must remain perennially young and kittenish, and their agents have apparently determined that cozy married domestikitty is not cool enough an image.

=^..^=    The same obtained when the patter of tiny paws began to be heard in the Kitty residence a year or so ago, and Kitty began to be photographed in the company of a tiny kitten named Charmmy.  Kitty's publicists were swift to point out that the baby kitten had been adopted, and was not the natural child, er... kitten of the Queen and King of Cute.  Given the strong family resemblance, this news came as something as a surprise - but then this is showbiz.

=^..^=    Most things in life are now available in Hello Kitty versions, from designer handbags, to lipsticks, to toasters, to TVs, to laptops, to toilet seat covers.  There is surely something for everyone and in this way all can share in the joy and cuteness that is Hello Kitty.



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