Scam E Mails from E Bay and Pay Pal.

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Hi Guys/Girls, Just a short one, watch out for these dam Scam E Mails!, either (so called!) from E Bay or Pay Pal (both fake!but very realistic!), both E mail pages look extremely realistic, and normally will come with a threat that due to "unusual" use or whatever! of your account (either E Bay or Pay Pal!) or maybe a so called "unpaid item", and a threat that if you do nor react immediatlely you account will be closed or suspended whatever!.

Normally all these fake E mails have a thread for you to take up on, and of course you are immediately directed to a fake E bay/Pay Pal page, asking you to sign in and your password! (clever sods eh!)  dont be fooled and dont panic! (this is what they are hoping for!). E bay and Pay Pal WILL NOT ask you for your name and passwords, remember this!. These fake pages look real!, but dont be fooled and dont panic! Just DELETE! Dont use the threads on these E mails (If you really want to check on your accounts do it away from these Fake E  mail threads!), be carefull and have a great time buying and selling on E bay!, Hope this helps someone not to get duped! Take care,

regards, Ferraridinoman



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