Scam Seller, selling Chanel J12 Watches. BEWARE!

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It was some time last month that I was desperate to get my hands on a J12 Chanel watch, I found one which was priced at £500 with no reserve. I thought this was odd as the watch is worth between £1950-£2100, depending on where your buying it from.

Anyway, I had put a bid on this watch and won it.

Once all my excitement on winning the watch was over, stupid me then realized that the person had NO feedback, NO paypal and had been with ebay 1 week.

I asked the person who was selling it to set up paypal but had replied "I dont have time", or I think the second email said "its for a friend". Besides all this the account she wanted me to put money in was for her husband  who had a different surname to hers which I know is not the point as some people like to keep there own surnames but I thought the watch for her friend, so why hasn t she given me her friends account? I asked to meet up with her as the address she had given me to make me feel more secure was within 5miles of where I live, she said "Im away for business in Scotland and I wont be back until end of July" and in that email she had inserted her address again but with a different postcode, and not only was she going to be away til the end of July she has her friends watch with her in Scotland which is where she will be posting it from. I asked her to ask her partner to contact me or even her friend, but they were way too busy to do so and so was she as she was a very busy business lady who hasn t got time to contact me by phone yet reply's to my emails immediately!

She sent me an email one evening saying "My personal assistant, Lynn Smith will be contacting you tomorrow at 11am, as any business person will know, when you make an appointment you usually stick by it, but no, she rings at way past 12 and not only that, the person she said was going to ring had a different name which ive forgotten, and how sweet, she had a scottish accent.

Anyhow, this emailing back and forth carried on for approximately 1 week, in the end she said dont worry I wont sell it!

This had worried me as I had no feedback at the time and I thought she may leave me bad feedback, but to my surprise she hadn t!

Its now a month later and im still after one of these watches, I decide to look one of these watches up again and I found a beautiful Chanel watch which is worth £8000 and is being sold for £850 with NO reserve.

Call me paranoid but the background on the 1st watch I bidded on has the same background as this one, and the pictures are pictured in the same background and even have one picture EXACTLY the same.

Not only that, everything I had asked her she has now put in the item description, (example) shes still away on business, and shes still selling the watch for a friend and she is still has the watch with her, NO paypal, NO feedback. And you cannot have a telephone conversation with this person!!!

Not sure if the first item is still on ebay but check them both out and tell me what you think.



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