Scammed for 550 Pounds on e bay! dont be fooled!

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hi, i was scammed for this auction  -

    "Asus W2c Laptop/Notebook (DVD/RW, 2GHZ, Centrino + More (8799088417)"
for the value of a total of 550 pounds, e bay confirmed the auction as i asked them prior to bidding and paying, 2 days after paying e bay tells me that it might be unsafe! i lost my money and didnt get the laptop i bid for! the seller insisted on a bank transfer, which i did, as i didnt use paypal, e bay will not cover me for 550 pounds, i think this is very unfair, e bay should not allow payment methjods for which they do not offer some form of full cover, after all, e bay makes a LOT of money! i have been on e bay for a long time and have a feedback of 69 as of now, i am checking my legal standing at the moment to take the necesary action to recover my hard earned cash. all i want is my money back or my laptop that i bid for! 2/3 other buyers were also scammed for 700+ pounds! i go as sanj_g on e bay, if anyone has been scammed by this seller, please contact me via e bay. I AM DISSAPPOINTED WITH THE E BAY SUPPORT - I SAW A SIMILAR LISTING RECENTLY, I AM WONDERING IF THIS SCAMMER KEEPS STEALING ACCOUNTS OR CREATING NEW ACCOUNTS AND IS STILL SCAMMING ON E BAY! BE WARNED!
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