Scammer still trading on e-Bay!

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Buyers beware!

There's a scammer loose on e-bay: nitestemplar. The past month he's had 8 positive, 3 neutral and 64 negative feedback!!!
He's made his feedback private (wonder why!) -but on his "me page" you can see the last 10 feedback's, and it's not pretty.
I (and several others) have reported this thief to both e-Bay and PayPal, but nothing seems to happen. Also you won't get your money back... as he doesn't have funds on his PayPal account and have no buyers protection program.
Buyers scammed by this thief are STRONGLY recommended to rapport this -and hopefully we can have his accounts terminated.
We know he's still around (no hospital, accident, death or other excuses) as he's STILL TRADING -but he never reply to e-mails.
We don't need people like this! -sure things can happen, but this really is to much to be coincidental... this is planned fraud, nothing less.
His me page
His feedback
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