Scammers!!!!!!!!! EBAY SORT IT OUT!!!!!Phones, cars!

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I have been using Ebay for a very long time and the amount of scams i have come accross latley is awful! People from Nigeria taking people phones for free! People adveritising american and classic cars for cheap to steal your bank account details. And people selling you things that are basically junk but described as treasure! And what do Ebay do about it????? NOTHING!! as usual!

A while ago i was selling my phone, I had a buy it now price on the phone and was very pleased but weary when my mom phoned to tell me. The phone was only on £10 at the time so why someone would use the buy it now was abit suspitious, but who am i to complain? So when i got home i checked my email account to see if i had  recieved payment. There was email asking me to send it to Nigeria, and also a email from "paypal" confirming the transaction was complete. Something about the whole thing didn't seem right so i checked my Paypal account direct. No funds for the phone were in there. For a laugh i emailed the seller telling them i had sent the item, he replyed asking for the tracking number. i sent any. He kept emailing about the tracking number being wrong, eventually i told him the bad news, i never heard from him again. He became an unregistered user and that was it! after that i checked other phones over half with bidders registering that day with 0 feeback. PLEASE BEWARE! Ebay will not do anything about it. As long as there getting there money they don't care!.

Now cars. There are many american cars on ebay at the moment for £1900 (not saying all cars for that price are scams). For a imaculate stingray thats a pretty good price! Unfortuanly you wont see the car or your money again if you fall for it. When you email asking any question about the car you will recieve this email

I am selling this car for £1,900 including delivery anywhere in UK.I set at a "very, very low" price to guarantee a sale. The only reason is that I  need cash for a family emergency. I have to tell you that I'm currently out of town with some major problems so pick up/view  isn't an option. If you want to buy this vehicle email me back with your full name and address to start the official procedure trough eBay. They will send you a notification with ALL the info regarding delivery, purchase protection and refund policy so please provide your details before more questions. You will find 90% of answers in that notification from eBay!
I emailed many of these adverts (with apparently different sellers, all with 0 feedback) and they all replyed with the same email. I informed Ebay who basically said its a scam but if you want to go for it its not there fault if you get ripped off! They didnt take the listing off at all! or ban the seller!
Recently brought a phone off godstrewth what a mistake that was! the advert stated the phone is 8.5 out of 10 for apperance. The phone was in a right state! It was scratched all over, the colour had all been scrached off and the screen was also very hard to see. I filed a claim with paypal. after ringing and sending faxes to help them with the investigation, they finally decided to let the scammer keep my money.  i rung to ask what the problem is, they said photos could be doctered so they can't go by that but they stil let me waste my time and money sending docutments and calling them. I rung after and got through to a very helpful man though, who is going to refund me my money if i get some documents to him soon. which i am doing today. Make sure if you loose a case on Paypal do not give up!! This man is bending the rules to help me out as he could see i had a point. godstrewth has asked me to withdraw negative feedback from him since. haha the scammers having a laugh isn't he.
Well i hope this review helps and i will be looking out for more scams to help you hard working ebayers not loose your money to the low life scammers on here.
Saying all this i have had some very pleasent dealings and great offers on ebay!! Only problem is when it goes wrong and nobody wants to help you.   But happy bidding!
thank you
X x X x X
p.s. please let me know if the review helped you in anyway.
If you would like to share any unpleasent experiences you have had on ebay or for anything else, feel free to email me. x
12/08/07  Just recieved a email from Paypal informing me i will be refunded the full amount :)  Dont ever give up!!! :) Now i have the money and the phone looks like the scammer lost out in the end anyway, about time fair ebayers got the upper hand. cheers paypal!!
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