Scammers& Phishers

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When offering items for sale on Gumtree be aware of SCAMMERS and PHISHERS  who say that they are in the UK but want the item/s shipped to Nigeria (in fact avoid all sales to African States) some even send PayPal notifications via your email address saying that they have paid, If you read the PayPal receipt and message it will become evident that the sale is not genuine and that an attempt at fraud is being made,  It is unusual to say the least to get a shipping request to ship abroad on Gumtree which is definitely a dead give way,  Requests for goods to be shipped abroad after what appears to be a PayPal payment can be checked directly with PayPal through EBay and should be avoided, do not acknowledge EMAIL REQUESTS for PayPal payments supposedly received through your email address without checking directly with PayPal as stated above via EBay,  TIP: If a Email looks a bit iffy (doesn't look right) that's probably because it isn't, Do not supply personal details that PayPal would not ask you,  REMEMBER, STAY ALERT & STAY SAFE, BETTER STILL DON'T SHIP ABROAD WHEN SELLING ON GUMTREE.
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