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This is more of a warning than anything... I very recently have been duped by an ebayer!  An item of value was won by a lady preportedly from America, who requested that the item I has be posted to Nigeria for her sisters birthday. I received emails from what appeared to be  PAYPAL confirming payment had been deducted from this persons account and would be credited to mine upon receipt of tracking numbers, proving that the item had been sent, and numerous emails from the lady herself, all seeming perfectly legitimate. Me being totally trusting, duly sent the items off.  However, no payment was entered into my paypal account! so i contacted them....  guess what?...  no record of the transaction whatsoever! they advised me to contact my local police, which I have done and am now awaiting a resolution.

PLEASE, PLEASE remember (as I will now most certainly do!)

1. ALWAYS Communicate via ebay with your buyers

2. NEVER ever send the item before payment has been received

3. PAYPAL DO NOT send emails requesting tracking numbers

4. PAYPAL DO NOT deal with Nigeria in any way shape or form

5.Apparently Nigeria is renowned for frauds like this So please beware!

I just hope that no-one else suffers a similar fraudulent transaction.

And please beware of the following buyer: yountinawaxx2 young_tina, it is not a genuine ebayer, just someone completing fraudulent transactions!



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