Scams and buying on EBay

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Scams and buying

I have been an EBay user for several years now and have seen an increase in the number of fraudsters over the past couple years. Please see below top tips to avoid being scammed.
I have now had more than my fair share of emails supposedly from EBay urging me to "click the link below" to resolve the issue. The point to this little scam is to direct you to a fake site, where you are supposed to enter your user name and password. If you are unsure please contact EBay as they will be able to advise you
Paypal have stated many a times that they will never ask you for your details via email. So if you receive an email from paypal asking you for any passwords or personal details do not do this and report this to PayPal.
If you are buying on EBay and want to avoid being scammed please take into consideration the below.
1.    Feedback. The only way of judging a genuine seller is by their feedback. Look to see how long they have been on EBay and click on a few of the item numbers in their feedback to see what they have bought and sold in the past.
2.    Don’t just rely on the feedback score take a look at the scores of the people who left the feedback. As if they all have very low scores of 2 or 3 points, then it is possible they have opened several EBay accounts and have used them to leave feedback on the others to make it look good. Only buy from established EBay sellers with high feedback scores.
3.    Read the listing carefully. There are many auctions on EBay which appear to be selling the highly desirable item (i.e. Xbox one) but when you read the description fully, they are actually just selling a link to get the item at an apparently low price. These listings are normally crap but it is common for them occasionally attract some very high bids. Ebay normally remove these misleading auctions but as with everything some do still slip through.

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