Scams from China

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Beware that some sellers from china under funny usernames (e.g. kefptnealkk, museuswo11...etc) offering mobile phones and perhaps other items for a very atractive price under a scam opertion. if you cannot confirm the payment methode and the seller ID it's likely to be one of them and here is my story:

 I'm very new to ebay and last week I placed my very first order. I was after imate jasjar mobile phone and i would say that i was desprate to blindness. the new item price is over £600 and believe it or not this guy from china had it on ebay for £119 "buy it now" price. he had a bout 3 of them. inocently (or daftly) i placed an order (via buy it now link) the payment instructions was other. so i contacted the seller by email and he sent me payment instructions via bank wire or western union. i paid via western union transfer and of course (as i can hear some of you laughing) it was the end of the game. whilst the transfer was taking place he was in regular touch by email, last email he was kindly thanking me for the money after that every email i send to him bounces back to me saying the account isnt valid. i went back to check his shop on ebay it was no longer on the system and i was done.

when i went back to search for the item i found a very similar offer under a different seller ID in a very similar fashion - again from china and this time is offering at least 6 items - that's why i wrote this message 

the guy wasnt clever as such but admitly i was daft enough to pay somone money without any sort of assurance. rethinking about it now i can see that everything was suspecious from start. most of you will be clever enough to fall in this traps but for those who are whitehearted like me, be careful and try to confirm the seller ID some how or rather. because i'm new to this game i cant give you a practical advice but perhaps other experienced usere may advise me and others. my main worry now is how to tell my wife and i am working overtime to save money and put it back before she notice - never ebay again i said but for you ebay with care is the advice - good luck  

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