Schuco Piccolo - the space saving diecast collectible

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Schuco Piccolo are a charming range of 1:90 diecast by one of the most famous German toy manufacturers.  They are solid models with a surprising weight for their size when held in the hand.  There really is something quite special about these dimunitive models which catch the look of cars old and new in a charming way.





The standard retro style card box which comes with most models is 50mm x 25mm x20mm in red, yellow and black.  The Mercedes Fire Engine, Wrecker truck and O-3500 bus comes with a box 98mm x 38mm x 27mm and there are other sizes too.  Yet although there is variation in packaging I still feel there is an element of make the model fit the box.  I know when you pull up at the petrol pumps in a modern car and look across at the Morris 1000 filling up at the pumps next to you it looks small but the 1:90 representation of the following five picked at random doesn't seem to quite add up:

Approximate length:

Volkswagen Original Beetle 47mm

Austin Mini                         41mm

Mercedes O319 Bus           47mm

BMW 502                          52mm

NSU 1000 TTS                   41mm

Despite the artistic license in the scaling of 1:90 the models still sit well together, perhaps it is the size that allows the eye to forgive but whatever the packaging says there is no way a Mercedes bus was the same size as a beetle.

Rivet counters should stop reading now but the model range in the main uses the same wheel size, again the same axles are applied to the Mini and the Mercedes bus.  Windows where applicable are rendered in silver paint, but paint finish and tampo print quality are excellent.

If you're stuck for space or looking for a particular model to complete a themed range then Piccolo are certainly worth your attention.


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