Sciphone i9

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Be very aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch!

I wish I had kept that thought when I bought a Sciphone from a chinese supplier. Looking at the specifications I was very impressed, even more so with the price. Sadly I got exactly what I paid for - a poorly manufactured item that nearly did what it said on the box - but not quite!


1.         When I installed the two sim-cards it was designed to take it ceased functioning, with only one card it worked (sometimes).

2.         I tried adding a ring tone to supplement the dreadful ones that came with the phone - bad mistake. The phone totally ceased functioning and needed to be hard re-set.

3.         No disc came with the phone.

4.         No stylus came with the phone.

5.         Most of the items on the menu were in chinese and utterly non-functional.

I could go on, suffice to say I was not impressed. When I returned the phone to the supplier (in China) I received no reply until the deadline for a claim through paypal had passed. Even when they did reply I received no refund, no replacement and they quickly blocked my emails!

In short I would highly reccomend you do not waste your money - there are plenty of excellent phones out there, and if you want an i-phone then I suggest you save up for one. The Sciphone is a non starter.

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