Scrap gold the time is now to sell

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The price of gold has gone through the roof pure gold bullion is selling for $1000 per ounce in 2009. In 2005 it was $540 per ounce so it has gone up nearly 100% in 4 years

That might not seem that it means much to the average person it does because the value of the scrap 9ct gold you have in your jewerly boxes is worth more it can be worth upto £7.60 per gram, that was the price i found on 12/10/2009 and it went up 0.30p in a week so it could be even higher by the time you read this

its best to shop around, type in scrap gold on Google see who gives you the best deal and don't send to anyone unless they give you a quote first. There are some companys out there who only give £1 per gram so if you send the 100g you could lose £660, 100g might sound alot but i went through our drawers and found 55g of scrap.   Sell your gold on ebay or invest in some scrap gold or gold bullion

I hope this guide helps. neilw2778
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