Screen Burn Removal On Plasma TV Screens

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What Is Screen Burn

Screen burn is where an image you were viewing on the Plasma or LCD screen remains there either temporarily or eventually permanently even after we have finished displaying it. The result in minor cases is that an annoying ghost image appears when we are watching our favourite program and in the worst case the retention is so bad that the display is totally unwatchable.

Use The PC For Screen Burn Removal

If you can hook your PC up to your screen burn affected TV try this. Create a folder in 'My Documents' called 'Screen Burn'.  Now open up a picture editor like 'paint' available on all Windows PC's. When you run 'Paint' a blank white document is what you should have in front of you. That is exactly what you need. Select File – Save as and name your picture 'white'. Be sure to save it in the folder you just created.

Next you need to click on the 'black' section of the colour pallete at the bottom of the 'Paint' window. After you have selected black click on the 'Fill' icon (a tipped paint pot) on the left. Now simply click in the middle of your white picture and it should become totally black. Select File – Save as and name you picture 'black'. Again be sure to save it in the folder called 'Screen Burn'. You don't need paint any more so you can shut it down.

Now right click on the Windows desktop an select Properties – Screen Saver and using the drop down list select 'My Pictures Slide Show'. Now to configure the slide show. Click Settings and configure as follows. Slide the bar to 'More' so that pictures change frequently. Slide the next bar to 'Larger' so pictures fill the whole screen. Now click the 'browse' button and find the folder you made called 'Screen Burn'. In the next set of options:- Check 'Stretch Small Pictures', Uncheck 'Show File Names', Check 'Use Screen Transitions' and finally un-check 'Allow Scrolling Through Pictures With The Keyboard'. Save the options.

Different versions of Windows might have slightly different configuration options but as long as the result is a completely filled (no borders), alternating white and black screen with no writing then it will probably help.

Now let your screen saver run. Leave this for a at least a few hours to see some results. If you use your TV for the PC then it might be a good idea to use this as your regular screen saver and run it frequently.

This method is less effective and slower than PixelProtector DVD and there is the annoyance of connecting the PC to the TV if you need to do it regularly. But it is FREE!!

PixelProtector Screen Burn Remover

There is a commercial DVD we sell for just such problems. It is called PixelProtector (Pixel Protector) and you can also use it for TV image calibration as well.

I hope you have found this guide useful.
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